AirJamz Getting Started Guide

Step 1. Download the AirJamz Music App on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

appstore gooleplay

Step 2. Turn on your AirJamz device by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

How to Power On and Off your AirJamz Device

*The LED light will turn green when it is powered on. You may also power OFF your AirJamz by repeating this process when it is on. A sleep timer will automatically power your device down after a period of inactivity (2 minutes default). 

Step 3. Open the App & Connect

AirJamz Music Connection Screen

Make sure your device's Bluetooth is turned on, and open the app. Your AirJamz should be automatically recognized, so all you have to do is press, "GO" to start jamming!

Step 4. Pick a Song and Jam! 

AirJamz Music Library

The first time you play, you'll go through a quick tutorial. After that, just click the music library to scroll through the song options. You can download the songs you want by clicking the cloud download icon. 25 songs are available for free, but head to the Shop to purchase additional content, added each month! 

Tips and Tricks

  1. Connecting to a Bluetooth Speaker may produce delayed sounds, so plug into a speaker with an auxiliary cord when possible! 
  2. Up to 4 AirJamz can be connected at once — you might want to try 2 yourself!
  3. You can run the AirJamz app in the background and still play. This means you can use social apps like Snapchat or Instagram to record yourself rocking out! Use hashtag #airjamz to tag us if you end up wanting to share!
  4. Your AirJamz has a sleep timer of 2 minutes to prevent battery drain. Just power back up to get rocking again. 
  5. You can adjust the sensitivity of your AirJamz by double-clicking the icon once connected in app. Here you can also update your device.

If you are having any troubles, please submit a support ticket and provide any details you can.