Spreading Musical Joy in Rocktober

October 18, 2017

Rocktober—Spreading Musical Joy with the Music Therapy Association of MN

Our team recently had a chance to collaborate with the incredible community at the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota's (MTAM) fall Conference. Zivix was founded with a passion for making the joy of playing music more accessible to everyone, so we couldn't be more pleased to see our products help positively impact so many lives through music therapy. 

Our company's leaders, Dan Sullivan and Ed Cannon, graciously donated 50 AirJamz units to the attendees of the MTAM Fall Conference. Following the event, we asked the Jennifer Hicks and the donation recipients from MTAM to share their experience and answer a few questions for us—check out our Q&A below! 

ZIVIX: What are the main benefits of using AirJamz in Music Therapy? 

MTAM member: I appreciate how easily it is adapted for a variety of physical and social-emotional goals—in diverse settings and with varied clients. I also love the "fun" factor— staff always end up joining in when I use it with clients!
    ZIVIX: Could you describe the reactions of any patients using AirJamz for the first time? 

    MTAM member: It was so fun to see a client of mine (a heavy metal fan currently diagnosed with depression) literally light up as they played! Their affect brightened and they actually smiled and laughed!
    ZIVIX: Where do you see the Music Therapy industry going in the next 5 years? 

    MTAM member: My hope is that we will be able to secure licensure for music therapy here in Minnesota so that a greater number of clients will have access to music therapy services.

    Read more music therapy stories on the Zivix website.

    See more highlights from the event and follow the MTAM community on your favorite social media platform—Facebook, Instagram or Twitter



    Music therapy is a professional healthcare discipline that uses the clinical applications of music to achieve non-musical goals. Specifically applied music therapy interventions help establish a non-threatening, supportive environment in which the needs of patients and families can be met creatively.

    (Source: Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota).


    Pain management, physical rehabilitation, anxiety and stress reduction, expression, family support, relaxation, normal growth and development, opportunities for choice and control, positive change in mood and emotional states, learning coping skills and techniques, effect positive physiological changes. 

    (Source: Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota).


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