AirJamz Airaoke Is Now Available in the iOS App Store!

June 09, 2017

Introducing AirJamz Airaoke for iOS!

We just released a second companion app experience for AirJamz on iOS—AirJamz Airaoke! The new airaoke app offers a karaoke-like experience where you can jam and play alongside your favorite iTunes songs!

AirJamz Airaoke App for iOSAirJamz Airaoke, 10+ different instrument soundsAirJamz Airaoke, On-Screen Controls

What does the new app—AirJamz Airaoke, do?

Now you can select ANY SONG from your iTunes library to play along with. The app will automatically choose the right notes to play based on a pre-analysis of the song. Explore your music library to find the best songs to play along with, the experience is unique for each song so keep adding to your iTunes Library and play new songs whenever, and wherever!

Check out the video below to see how AirJamz Airaoke works!


How does the AirJamz pick work?

The AirJamz guitar pick senses your motion and translates them into real sound in the app! You'll hear everything through your mobile device's speakers once you connect over Bluetooth. Make sure to use a wired connection if you're using an external speaker. 

How many different instrument sounds are there?

This first release of AirJamz Airaoke includes 10+ unique "AirPicks" all for free, so make sure to try them all! Beyond shredding guitar and cool synth instruments, you'll find choir voices, dog barks, and even a cowbell percussion style.

Where can I purchase an AirJamz pick?

Online: You can buy AirJamz right here on our website or purchase from your favorite online retailer: or

In-person: Target Open House or B8ta (see Store Locator)

Download AirJamz Airaoke from the App Store today!










AirJamz Airaoke - App Store Icon

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